Extra links for Michael Kors watch

  1. I was gifted a used watch but it does not fit. The links were damaged so I would have to pay jeweler to resize. Has anybody ordered extra MK Watch links? I chatted online with MK and they gave me phone# below. I guess I'll find out how much they charge for them including shipping. If I have to pay jeweler and buy links, it might be better to just buy new watch...we will see...

    Please contact the Michael Kors watch warehouse for extra links:
    Hours: 7a-8p cst m-f, 10a-6p cst saturday
  2. The jeweler I went to charged $10 to remove extra links, so the jeweler charge should not be very much. They simply remove a pin, and the link. So putting new ones in should be easy too. Good luck with your watch. Which watch is it?
  3. Customer service says they offer 2 FREE links and extra for additional links.
    Total $4.32+shipping
  4. I need to go to another jeweler...they quoted me $27 due to damaged links!
    After I get extra links, I should be able to go to any MK store and they will adjust for FREE.
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  5. That's great news. Enjoy the watch, and show us when it's all done!
  6. I just wanted to say thanks for posting their number!!! I had to order two additional links for my new Watch, and they were really helpful! Now I can't wait for it to arrive so I can start enjoying it! :smile:
  7. What a helpful post...I just got a steal of a deal on a ceramic MK5190 $92...but it's too small so I went ahead and got my two free links and ordered 2 more for $5 each.
  8. Add me to the thank you list! My new watch just arrived and it was too small. Called the number and they are sending two complimentary links and I just had to pay shipping of $4.27.

    Thank you!!
  9. Glad to share. Enjoy your watches!
  10. Hey!! A newbie here..I know this is an older post but I wanted to say thank you as well because I was able to get four links for the total of $10.79 (2 free and 2 @ $3 each + shipping). I'm so excited because I never knew they offered this and love to wear my watch further up my arm and have it loose. :smile:
  11. thank you. just bought my wife a watch and it was a touch too small. this was very helpful. my first search gave me all the answers. you guys r great.
  12. Good information to know for those who have MK watches!
  13. Love you!!! Just called and they give three (3) free links!!!! Thanks so much. cant wait to start wearing my watch.
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  14. Thank you for the information. Just ordered my complimentary links. Can not wait to get them!!! Awesome information.
  15. I was so excited to get my links. I took them into a store and they fitted my watch free of charge! LovE it. Plus they suggested a kiosk in the same mall that replaced my battery for 14 bucks :smile:
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