extra large Picotin

Jan 13, 2007
I saw an extra large picotin today at the store i think i was TGM... very roomy... the SA said its new this year only got it yesterday ... anyone have pictures? I wasn't able to take pictures ... had my DD with me and too much stuff ... had to go real fast ...
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Aug 18, 2009
There are some great threads about Picotins with lots of pics. I hope these links help.


Slightly off topic- but thank you for posting this thread! I love my picotin, and even with searching of photo's I haven't seen this thread yet- I book marked it to read later- I have to get to work and if I start now, I'll be late!

PS- the larger Picotin look nice! That size would be good for work or travel to me.


Apr 9, 2009
after reading this, I am VERY curious how big it is IRL, haven't seen one yet at any of the H stores I've visited. I personally love big bags!!! Is it me or H is coming out with more big bags this season??? So far, I've seen the Paris Bombay GM and the Garden Party GM at the stores.