Extra large courier, good for international travel?

  1. I am pondering whether to buy a XL courier or not as I have a couple of International work trips coming up.... I looked through pics and it is MASSIVE looking when worn. I was wondering if it would make a good carry on or is it too big, bigger than allowed by airplane rules? I will also be carrying my instrument which is large. My other option is the weekender. What should I get? Also, it is indeed not flashy as to attract unwanted attention, right? (Spain and Mexico are our destinations) Or should I carry a canvas bag from Target? Thanks! :heart:
  2. Hey 'B-H-G' -

    I travel a fair amount internationally for business and have both the 'regular' size Courier and many Weekenders. Here's the low-down on both:
    1. The XL-Courier is ENORMOUS, in my opinion, really too big to be used as it then because difficult to find ANYTHING!!! When I used my Courier, I felt like I was constantly digging into a big pit looking for things ... as such, I think I used it for two of my trips and said FORGET IT!!! The good point about the Courier is the Shoulder Strap (which the Weekender doesn't have), so you can have your hands free to carry other stuff.
    2. I prefer the Weekender. First of all, I find that I can usually fit it over my shoulder (if I'm not wearing anything too bulky). While it is large, it's not sooooo big that I feel that I'm looking into the pit!
    One of the reasons why I always go back to my Balenciaga bags for traveling is the fact that they are lightweight. I usually pack a City bag inside my luggage to use for everyday, and on the actual travel days, use the Weekender. I've always been able to put the Weekender under the front seat ... whereas, I did have a harder time putting the Courier underneath (probably because given the extra room ... I filled it up!).

    Lastly ... if you really feel that you need a Shoulder strap, you might want to take one off a different B-Bag. For instance, I have a Black Weekender ... I simply take a strap off of one of my other City B-Bags and clip it on ... voila - a Shoulder Strap for the Weekender!!


  3. :heart: Hey there! Thanks SO very much for the extremely helpful information. I think I will do what you suggested and try a city strap on a work and/or get a weekender. Thanks again, I appreciate it so much. :heart: