EXTRA KEYS .. 308 .. Any want/need them?

  1. I have an extra set of 308 keys .. any want or need them? They were to my last speedy that i had to return. If you want them let me know!
  2. Are they gold plated? I could use them for my Black MC Mini HL.
  3. i could use them too. but if joann wants them more then no problem.
    the lv store never gave me keys for my mc mini HL
  4. I'm sorry I thought you had both the lock and keys. bvbirdygirl go ahead.
  5. Pinky....thanks for being so sweet! :flowers:
  6. is your lock a 308?
  7. ok .. going once .. twice ... who wants them .. they are about to be thrown away!!! If you want them let me know asap, and i will mail then to you! Again keys 308 going going going .. almost gone!
  8. i would love to, i lost my keys!