Extra Jumbo Flaps?

  1. Hi, have you ever seen a extra jumbo flap? My SA in NM told me that they only came out during Chanel's anniversary. Do you own one? and If you do or if you have have seen it, do you think it is too big? I'm very curious about the extra jumbo as I have never heard of it until just a cuople of weeks ago..are they extremely rare? I'd love to learn more about it. Thanks :smile:
  2. i'd love to know more about these extra jumbos too.
  3. I love to know abt the extra jumbo...is it the same as 228 reissue size????

    I hv a jumbo flap..tot this size is perfect for me...I wonder how big is the extra jumbo compare to jumbo??

    This is something new (in term of size)???