Extra hooks on Kellys

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  1. Oh...I wish I could find that thread that was started about a year ago on the newer Kellys having the extra hooks for the shoulder strap, key and lock.
    I prefer the older version without the extra hooks.
    I am contemplating ordering a Kelly and am wondering if you think I can order the older version. I just don't like how the lock looks hooked onto the shoulder strap hook...hope this all makes sense. I know it sounds silly, but I am loving the vintage Kellys because of that.:heart:
    Do you like or not like the extra hooks on the Kellys?
  2. I feel ya! I'm thinking the same! I hate the extra hook on the Kelly. I like the single loop. I don't think you can order it that way though. I believe it's a discontinued hook.
  3. I like the extra loops but I thought I read that Hermes was going back to the single loop. Let me search and see.
  4. That would be such great news!
  5. ^^you know...dianagrace...I think I've heard the same thing!! When would that be?
  6. Maybe I should wait with ordering anything...hmmm.
  7. Thank you!
  8. Thanks dianagrace so much!!
  9. The link to the thread supplied above seemed to indicate that most SAs had not heard of this possible change.

    I keep hearing here on tPF the strangest things that people attribute to SAs such as the non-H side of the Evelyne is the front and the H side is the back, that leather should be called "skin" and now that the Kelly is not going to have additional loops.

    For me, just because an SA says it doesn't mean it is absolutely correct, and not to be questioned. They can misunderstand things just like the rest of us.
  10. I :heart: The Look Of A Single Loop ~ So Elegant!!!!
  11. Actually the H side to the back is a fact. The Evelyne was made as a boot drier and the H holes were so that the air could flow through. The correct way of wearing the Evelyne is with the H towards the back.

    Leather to Hermes is considered skin, after all it is "dead skin"

    Some SA's are just not correctly Hermes educated. There are a few PF's here that are more knowledgeable than SA's.

    Box leather is becoming hard to acquire especially in a Birkin, it takes alot of skin to make a Birkin and they just cant supply it.
  12. Does anyone know if the single loop is coming back on the Kelly? Thanks!:tender:
  13. LH, I've asked my SA again about this, and she actually meant on the Kelly Flat when she told me about it, she just neglected to tell me that specific thing at the time - ARGH!
  14. ^^Thanks GF...I think I'll call to find out too.