Extra!! Extra!! Read All About It!!!!!! Jumbo White and Bleu Roi Caviar Available!!!!


Jul 24, 2009
I got a call/email from SA David Hines at NM Scottsdale. I asked him to do an extensive search for all colors of caviar and lamb in the cruise collection. Reportedly there is one Jumbo Bleu Roi Caviar still available:yahoo::yahoo:. Attached in the inventory that he said is available for the entire NM system as of 3:00p.m. EST.

"These are the items you requested to know about...

Jumbo and Maxis in White Caviar available:yahoo::yahoo:.

Jumbo caviar w/ silver hardware in bleu roi I have one

Jumbo patent w/ silver hardware in red Sold out

Maxi jumbo caviar w/ silver hardware in red Sold out

Maxi jumbo patent w/ silver hw in navy Sold out

I can get all the GST's in any color including patent red. Most all the jumbos and maxis are sold out except white caviar. There are a few red jumbos in lamb still available and in navy as well.

Also we have 'cells' in the n/s tote and e/w tote. We have the entire 'lipstick' collection in all available colors.

Unfortunately the yellow is only available in the lamb WOC."

Any serious TPFers may contact David in Scotsdale AZ directly to ask all of your specific questions. Please note that they are in MST (Mountain/Arizona time). The store closes at &:00 p.m. They do international shipping as well.

Contact information:

telephone numbers
cell 480-241-0368
store 480-990-2100
toll free 1800-937-6379

Please direct all inquiries and detailed questions directly to him.




Nov 26, 2008
bag stylist - OP only requested for an extensive search on Cruise Collection. Black is the permanent line, I'm sure you will be able to locate one quite easily. I have no idea exactly what NM has as at now, but I know for a fact BG has the Black now.

bag stylist

Sep 27, 2008
thank you, kewave
I'm also wondering if that's it now for the blue, cause my sa said she was expecting a shipment to their warehouse and I still haven't heard from her. was this shipment from in store? or warehouse hope that makes sense.