Extra! Extra! Large Black Diamond Stitch Tote at Nordstrom - $1750

  1. It "just became available" in the words of Denise so we know that means return. However, it could still be in really good shape. Give her a call if interested. She's working tonight and on her email denise.junell@Nordstrom.com.

    Denise M. Junell
    Chanel Accessories & Designer Handbags
    Nordstrom Downtown Seattle

    Swanky, if you want this posted in Chanel Shopping please feel free to move and I will post there from now on.
  2. You read my mind! LOL!
    This is best for the Shopping sub, thanks!
  3. Cool! Forwarding this info to my dear friend Amy.:smile:
  4. I hope she is able to purchase it and everything is intact upon receipt! Please update - I like to know when my posts have helped others find their dream bag! :yes: ;)
  5. Will do Roey.:yes: