extra dust bags?

  1. I have two bags I had purchased at the outlet. I will be going to the boutique tonight. do you think if I asked they would give me an extra one they might have in the back? or even a box? TIA!
  2. I'm not sure about the dustbags, but I've asked for extra boxes before, and as long as it wasn't the Holiday season they've given them to me.... I would just ask!
  3. thanks!
  4. No, they won't give purse-sized dustbags. I've tried that already because a purse I bought there didn't come with one. The next time I went in I asked for one and they told me that half of their purses do not come with one and that's just how they are sold, so they won't give out any dustbags for purses. They would, however, give very small wallet sized dustbags if you ask. Next time I go in to my outlet I'm going to ask for a small wallet sized white dustbag because I just got a wallet through the mail and it didn't come with one.
  5. I just recently had to request two bags at the outlet. The 1st bag was missing a dust bag and I didnt notice until I got home to put her away. The next time I went to the outlet, I glanced inside the bag I was going to purchase and it was missing as well. I ask my SA about it and told her that I was missing one form a previous purchase as well. I think a few things were in my favor. All the SA's on the floor recognized me as being there recently, and secondly, the fact that the bag I was about to purchase didn't have one killed any argument about how they never forget to put one in. The were super nice about it and took care of it immediately - appologizing the entire time. Am I just lucky? Let us know how it goes...I was a little worried that they would assume I just wanted another one and would give me a hard time. With so many resellers and fake sellers its hard to just hand those things out.
  6. you know what, i totally forgot..... you can either call JAX or go on the Coach website and request them. When I had ordered my ergo hippie, I mentioned that I wanted a couple of extra for other purses that I had bought that didn't come with them.... and 3 weeks later I got 2 of the NEW silky dustbags in the mail!!!!
  7. Outlet bags do not come with dust bags. The only way you might get a dust bag is if the bag was originally a retail store bag, and it was left in it. They do not remove them, but sometimes customers do. If the bag you pick up is/was a retail bag, and does not have it, sometimes they will remove it from another bag for you to take. If it's an outlet bag, they will not. Some of them will not even give out the small white bags, which are supposed to be belt bags. My closest factory is strict about that, but some of the SAs sneak them in the bag for you if you ask quietly. If you can ask someone when the manager is not around, that's usually better.

  8. When I went to the outlet last week...Almost ALL The bags I looked inside had ustbags which was weird!!!!!!! But the one I bought did also. It is nice to have extras for all my wallets too. The SA at the outlet got me a new silky one!
  9. The black Ali I purchased at the outlet didn't have a dustbag with it and I didn't notice until I got home. The next time I went to the outlet, I told them what happened (happened to be using the black Ali) and they gave me a new silky one right away. No problems at all! :tup:
  10. It never hurts to ask! :tup: Outlet bags don't come with dustbags unless they have been sent over from the boutique and even then sometimes you don't get one. :yes:
  11. All of my outlet bags came with dust bags - even if i had to ask them for one.
  12. I almost always order online because than they give you the box and the dustbag, they never have when I've been in the store.
  13. I emailed coach...they said no...is there a link somewhere specially for this reason? thanks!
  14. I called the 800 number before and I had to give them th eitem number so they would know the size. I had to call a secon time though becuase they were never sent the first time

  15. really??? try calling them... thats so strange