Extra Courier!

  1. I saw one of these at a store, it is unbelievably enormous. I think it could be used as a suitcase.
  2. Can a mod remove the link please? I'm watching this bag and REALLY want it. Thanks!
  3. you mean you want it removed so that no one else will see it?
    that's rich.

    I showed my husband a photo of this style a while ago because I really want one and he said, "it looks like a garbage bag, for that kind of money why don't you get a nice structured bag?"
    cracked me up.
  4. Are you trying to hide something in that big bag??? LOL Good Luck Lizlikeshurgs I hope you get it.

  5. Oh,I've seen other members ask that before and they hid it. Oh well. Now all the lurkers know I want it, will probably buy it up, then secretly PM me for a marked up sale:cursing:
  6. You're right, Liz, that might happen, but.. I don't think somebody on TPF would do this. Or am I being too naive?

    Maybe you should have asked the mods in a PM? Maybe that would have been more effective...
    Anyway, good luck with the bag! :flowers:
  7. I'm sorry! I knew you were looking for one and I got excited when I saw it.:crybaby:
  8. No prob Donna, you're such a sweetie for posting for me! Plus I contacted the seller. *Crossed fingers* Although a BEAUTIFUL weekender just entered the picture.

    AHHH!! Too many gorgeous bags!
  9. Wow - do they really retail for us$1500? I bought mine a couple of weeks ago and it was €723 (us$920).

    Good luck Liz, it's a great bag!