extra coach dust bags

  1. is anyone in need of some brown fabric coach storage bags??? (:heart:they are not outlet bags but from the boutique)
    cleaning out my closet today and i have 3 that i don't need.....if you would like them pls pm me your info and i will send them to you!!!!!:yes:
  2. I don't, but that's nice of you to offer. :smile:
  3. I pm'd you!
  4. very nice of you!
  5. shelly..you pm'd me first so i'm happy to send to you!!!
  6. do you have any left? i got my first coach at the outlet 2 weeks ago but no dustbag. i don't think i'm allowed to pm yet :sad:
  7. aww that is so nice of you! good karma for you!
  8. Oh wow, thats pretty sweet of you! Hope you have a wonderful day!
  9. Wow, thats so sweet of you!!!
  10. Thanks Cathi! You rock!:rochard: