Extra Charges when buying from Ebay?

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  1. Hi everyone, I am interested in buying a speedy from ebay and was just wondering whether there will be any custom or tax charges or any other hidden charge when they send the item from the US to Australia.

    I've heard instances when people buy some things from ebay from the US or UK or Canada and they got charged a lot when they are send to Australia.:wtf:
  2. That's an import tax, which is imposed by countries in order to protect their own domestic sales. The only way you can really get around this is by asking the sender to lie on the custom declaration and declare it as gift (there are usually limits on the monetary value of gifts before you get taxed anyways), commercial sample, or as left behind personal items).
  3. As fars I know OZ custom is very strict, it seems tougher that US custom..

    If the seller put the exact amount of the bag value for insurance purposes, you will get taxed.I don't know how much..

    I am sure other Aussie can give you info..
  4. Clare, there are ways of avoiding customs, but in most cases you will end up paying the import taxes. As far as I know of Australian traxation system, the import taxed includes also the shipping cost. So unfortunately it is nearly unavoidable to pay after your overseas purchases. Yes, you can ask the seller:

    - To declare it as a gift (in this case you shouldn't pay GST? this is how it works in Italy)
    - To declare a lower value - that's a problem if it is a pricey item and you want it insured
    - To send it through untracked air mail (these items seem to get scanned less at the customs, so sometimes they get through without being taxed.

    Of course, these are all gambles. If the seller sends you the parcel insured for full value, or maybe through a courier like UPS or DHL, the chance of getting taxed is very very high. There are some glitches, but you cannot rely on them.

    Here, in Italy, some particular categories of products get also taxed for their nature: chemicals (soaps, bath oils, perfumes, etc.) and leather accessories, for example.

  5. Thanx for the info....;)