Extra 50% off Clearance/Old Navy

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  1. Enter code Extra50...just got ski jackets for 10 bucks each!
  2. 4 days only starting today
  3. Is it in stores too?
  4. thanks!
  5. Have no idea if it is in stores too...just got an email.
  6. Thanks kalodie1!
  7. Site is down, we crashed it.
  8. ^^ site down. LOL :wtf:
  9. is there free shipping code?
  10. crashed still.... wonder if this works for their other stores online. arent they all the same "basket" so you would think it would apply for BR as well.
  11. ^^ that would be really nice if were true!
  12. I doubt that would work, the basket software should still be able to distinguish which items would be eligible for the discount.
  13. I wonder if the dog supple stuff is on sale too. They make nice stuff for big dogs!
  14. Just use the code! Thanks, I saved alot!!!
  15. Site is up for me...