Extra 50% off Bloomies online

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  1. Lots of sale items and extra 50 off...some good MJ and Tory Burch...and Burberry bags and sale less 50%
  2. Thanks! This could be dangerous.
  3. Enter SALE at checkout for an additional 15% OFF plus 50%. I just did it and it worked. :tup: HAPPY SHOPPING!
  4. does anyone know if this sale will also be in stores?
  5. I don't think you can use the SALE code on top of the 50% discount cuz when I tried that it adjusted the 50% discounts so they weren't really 50% anymore..in the end it was still only 50% off after stacking the codes.
  6. ^SALE worked fine for me :smile:
  7. any free ship codes?
  8. It takes 15% off FIRST then does 50% off of that total. So if something is $100, it subtracts $15 which totals $85 half of that is $42.50. That's still more than 50% in the end. It's 57.5% to be exact. haha. :smile:
  9. Man...thanks for this!! I just got 2 cashmere sweaters for $114!! Amazing!!

  10. no, I was able to stack both the sale and the 50% off... what were you trying to buy?
  11. Thanks! Got a Theory pantsuit and a Theory skirt all for $238 shipped!!
  12. It ends up being 57.5 % off (see my calculations further up). It takes the 15% off of the original sale price then applies the 50%. Hope that helps!!! :smile:
  13. See what happens when one majors in math in college. :weird: I end up using that degree to figure out the best discounts possible!!