Extra 50% off a single coat purchase at VS-Coats for $30!!!!

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  1. Hi girls! I found this on slickdeals and thought I NEEDED to share it with my TPFers!!

    Take 50% off already reduced prices on all coats and outerwear!


    Here is the link to the sale coats section:

    You can also use code: SHIP09 for free shipping on otders over $100 but most of the coats are much less than that.

    I got this coat in black for only $38 including tax and shipping!! A steal IMO!

  2. does this applies to only 1??????? =[
  3. yeah only one coat per order :crybaby:
  4. Eeek! How long is this code good for?
  5. Works on sweaters too!
  6. so it works on only one sweater as well?? bummer!
  7. thanks for the heads uP!
  8. I think it's good until 1/14
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    Thanx tappedout! I got the same coat in plaid, great deal

    Just to make sure- does anyone know if these coats run true to size?
  10. thanks, i got the same style in black!! :love:
  11. i heard it runs biggg

  12. ohh get the 2nd one!!! it gorgy!