Extra 40% off sale items at neimanmarcus.com

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  1. still lots of good stuff
    but the site is very slow
  2. yes the site is very slow and changing around their sale items

    I've managed to put a COUPLE items in there and now they are no longer 40% off!!!
  3. very slow...
  4. very VERY slow.. it's TORTURING ME, I'm panting while trying to load what I want!!!
  5. SO slow - I just lost a pair of TB flats too while I was shopping for other stuff. Guess you have to be faster.
  6. the site is so slow!
    but I got $60 back on one jacket I bought a couple weeks ago! Yeah!!!
  7. aw I'm sorry hun!! I lost mine too!! hot pink suede TB flats :sad:

    Hope I don't lose my juicy tracksuits!!
  8. how do u get money back? i thought their price adjustment is only for purchases done within 7 days?
  9. I don't know, I chat with them, and the lady gave me my money back for the difference. I saved a copy in case they don't credit me.
  10. lucky you!!!
    I chat with a lady because the juicy tracksuit I bought just YESTERDAY went on sale and then after like 5 minutes she replies she's sorry but it's not on sale

    and now it's not on sale anymore wth? hm...
  11. Did you get the price adjusted?
  12. Yes, I did. I would say if they don't adjust for me, I'd just buy another one, and send the one I got back. I don't understand why they won't allow adjustment if the stuff is still returnable. The shipping is free anyways, I don't mind spending $9.95 to get $60 back.
    Fortunately she adjusted the price for me. :yahoo: