Extra 40% off on clearance Coach and $15 back on every $100 spent!

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  1. #1 Jul 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
    At Bloomies :nuts:

    Applies to all clearance items :yahoo:and per every $100 spent, you get a $15 Bloomies' gift card. Sale ends *I think* this Sunday.

    They had the following at the SAN FRANCISCO, Union Square location:

    Bonnie leather two-tone wallets
    (the one with 2 zippers on the flap) @ $102

    White Leather Peyton and Metallic Peyton @ $403

    Canvas Bonnie totes and wristlets @ 30% off of retail and a 40% on top of that.

    They are taking orders over the phone and will ship to you.

    Happy shopping!

    **Peytons are limited in quantity at this location.

  2. no ninja pics? lol

    Is the prices you named with the additional 40, or is there 40% off on top of that?
  3. When you get the $15 back for every $100, can you use that towards your purchase or no?
  4. another thing with the $15 can that be used online because IDK where my nearest bloomies is besides manhattan and when I go to the city I usually just go to brooklyn
  5. lol :amuse: no, they are not cool like that over there as they are at Macys :sweatdrop:

    Yes, the prices I named have already the 40% off applied to them :yes:
  6. The gift card(s) can be used on your next purchase. Say you buy a $200 bag, you then take your receipt to a table where they will stamp it and give you two $15 gift cards, you can then use those on any other purchase on any department.

    If the item from which the gift card was earned is returned, then you must surrender the gift card with the full amount in it in order to get a full refund for your purchase. If you already used the gift card, then they will deduct the amount from your purchase prior refunding.
  7. I'm not sure about that, since I spent it right away and didn't get to read the back of it. My guess would be that you can use it online, since it is an actual gift card that is issued to you :yes:
  8. Not sure if you're Central or South Jersey, but there's one in Bridgewater Commons :smile:
  9. central around Jackson, Howell, Lakewood, Toms River, and Manchester lol. It would take me about the same time to get there as it would to manhattan.
  10. ^^ Kattykay, I'm returning a wallet tomorrow. I will inquire about that then ;)
  11. Just bought two Coach bags at Bloomie's in Orlando for the 30% off on Wednesday. I haven't carried them, but have removed the tags (kept the tags, though).

    Do you think I can get a price adjustment, or do I have to return and re-buy? Is the extra 40% off in all locations?

    I wouldn't expect to get the gift cards, but I would like the price adjustment - it would be over $100!
  12. I was meeting girlfriends for dinner in San Francisco and I had about 15 minutes to spare, high tailed it into Bloomies just to check out the Peytons. Snarf. Didn't buy one, but I'm getting closer to completing this mission.:nuts:
  13. Yes, you can return and re-buy and you would still qualify to get the giftcards :tup:
  14. Thanks Evy!!

  15. ^^No problem!
    I wasn't able to go, but I called and I was told that you CAN use the giftcards online, yet the SA advice that you should call the store you plan to visit in case they have a different policy on usage & expiration :yes: