Extra 30% off three or more sale items at Gap

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  1. http://tr.im/qMor

    you can mix departments (obv) and at my Gap there was still a lot of summer merch at decent prices (most pricey about $50 or so). this is going on in canada too.
  2. Does anyone know what their policy is on price adjustment? I bought 3 things last night (on sale) and now I see this started today! Oy.

    Thanks for posting!
  3. ^^^
    i think they will do a price adjustment.
  4. OMG I bought 4 things the day before...Im going to try for an adjustment too
  5. Thanks I'll try stopping by later. :yes:
  6. I tried to do a price adjustment and they would not let me. They only way it would work is if they had the exact same item available at the store, then I could buy the new one and return the old one. Of course, they didn't have the items I wanted.
  7. ^^^
    really? i worked there in undergrad/grad school and they recently (2007?) got new computers that had specific PA buttons/tools. i believe the PA policy at the time was 14 days, and i think it still is as my SO got a PA on a pair of shorts in june.
  8. They let me do a price adjustment. They only wanted my receipt too.
  9. my store had 30% off 4 or more sale items (not 3)
  10. Price adjustment policy was 14 days NOW its 7 days.
    You should be able to get one if you ask.
    Macys has a 10 day pA policy as well.
  11. Thanks OP I went and got tons of clothes for the kids for $38.00 Terrific sale some shorts for boys $1.39
  12. hm...has anyone else ran into this? between my sister and i, we've been to four stores today and they were all three items or more.

    it sucks they changed their PA policy to seven days. seriously, wth are we supposed to do with that, but hopefully some will be able to do PAs since they bought items very recently.
  13. My store was 4 items also. :yes: I wound up just returning a couple things.
  14. i also stoped at 2 gap stores. bought a bunch of clothes for me, DF and his kids.
    great deal i was able to save 100 bucks