Extra 25% off NM Last Call on Website

  1. EXTRA 25% off on NM's last call section, use "summer" for free ship at any price!!!:yes:
  2. thank's for posting!I'm going to check it out:smile:
  3. Where did all the bags go? :sad:
  4. OMG I just called customer service. I don't know if this is right but she said they only include select merchandise. No bags included in the sale. Does anyone know if this is true?
  5. Thanks for the post!
  6. Okay so AS SOON AS I GOT THIS EMAIL at like 1pm i went to get some items i had been eyeing on sale yesterday and EVERYTHING i wanted was marked down but also SOLD OUT. grrrr. Do insiders get to know about these sales first on something? Did anyone see if the extra 25% was available earlier today? I was looking at the site at like 10 am and I didn't see any extra 25% banner...
  7. Oh bummer :sad: Yeah their were some CHLOE sale items that had been on sale for what seemed like months in multiple sizes that sold out as soon as the sale started! Apparantly i wasn't the only one stalking them...:crybaby:
  8. Things are pretty picked thru already...jeez don't people have to work??? I saw the email but had to jump into a meeting, by the time I was out, everything I wanted was gone...in like 20 mins!
  9. i got a velvet MbyMJ jacket for $71 and an YSL dress for $165
  10. I noticed no bags too - I also noticed that everything I was interested in was sold out, and I also opened the NM site as soon as I got the email (around 1pm CST)
  11. OMG!! I hate this...Exactly...PPL don't need to work? well...I got home at 4 this afternoon and everything is pretty much gone!! And the worst thing is...I just made two orders with 5 items last night...and of course I contacted them see if they can do price adjustment for me since I just ordered a few hrs before they have futher reduction...but they said NO, because they are last call items...(they haven't even processed my orders yet:cursing: ...) so...I still have those items...I am thinking if I should cancel them...:confused1:
  12. dls80-OMG! Lucky You! What YSL dress did you get?
    I didn't find anything!
  13. I actually got lucky, right after I saw the post I went to NM site and found 2 pairs of boots, 4 pairs of shorts & 6 tops. Free shipping and discounts $230.00
    Thanks so much!!
  14. woww.. you must be so happy.. :nuts: congrats!!!