Extra 20% off today at eLuxury

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    Our friends at eLuxury mean serious business. Only today, December 18th, they are marking down selected sales items an extra 20%. How much sweeter does it really get? Enjoy drastic markdowns on designers like Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Tod's, Dior and many more. Just do not come complaining tomorrow that you did not know about it.

  2. Thanks, Vlad! You're the best. I'm gonna check right now...
  3. Yea! I'm so glad they extended this!! Thanks for posting.
  4. They have done this like 3 or 4 times already ? Beating a dead horse no ?
  5. does it include LV? :nuts:
  6. it's only on sale and clearance items
  7. err NMV, off of SALE item hehe....
  8. It says they've added new items, but I don't notice anything new. Just all the old stuff they didn't sell the last two times they've done this in the past week and a half.
  9. hehe i wish it included LV :yes:
  10. i bought the MJ black Alyona! 767-I thought thats pretty good- THANKS!
  11. I bought this Dior dress. Unfortunately the shipping address wouldn't accept my firm name in the first line (just duplicated the second line!) and customer service had to manually change it once the order was submitted.
  12. I love this but I already purchased the last time. i wish they'd add some new stuff :woohoo: My wallets ready to go!
  13. Is the extra 20% off already reflected in the price. Or do you have to a code?
  14. Keep checking, new things are added, I think some things are being held in bags, then timed released.
  15. The extra comes off the price at checkout without a code.