Extra 20% off sale items at Vivre

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  1. Extra 20% off sale items and free shipping friday through sunday.

    Code: GOLDEN20
  2. Free shipping is on orders of $250 or more, but thanks for posting the 20% off code!
  3. A word of warning before ordering from this site as I was severely disappointed by many of the sale items I recently ordered: The picture and the description is not always what actually they send to you. There is NO ONE who ever picks up the phone if you call Customer Care (it's kind of funny because it really should be called No Customer Care). Also, it's been a month and they still haven't processed my return.
  4. I have to concur with galpal2! I've ordered several times from them in the past, and although the marketing makes it seems like a high class operation, their customer care is terrible and more often than not, my stuff has arrived damaged and/or much later than expected.
  5. Not a big fan of the site either :sad:

    I'm so glad you guys agree! Now I know for sure that it's not just me!