Extra 20% off Sale Items at ThePurseStore

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  1. Enter code "Cyber07"
  2. BTW...there are TONS of purses/shoes already on sale...Gusttos, Koobas, Marc Jacobs, Katherine Kwei, Gryson, HH, Botkier...my God, I'm in heaven!
  3. Wow, you aren't kidding! Some of those bags are already 40% off :nuts: This is bad......
  4. i just tried and it told me my order doesn't contain qualifying products for this coupon. i tried buying an mj alyona and easy
  5. I tried too, not letting me use it for Anna COrinna Mid City.
  6. damn there are some nice bags on there :smile:
  7. Ahh.... thanks mellyjr. I am so relieved that the bag I want is not on the sale list, otherwise my cc bill is going from $$$ to $$$$:sneaky:
  8. Some lovely Dautores (Brazilian brand) and the Gryson Josey, too. Plus Abacos from France.
  9. Just got this bulga for $348.

    Has anyone seen it IRL? What do you think?

    Also, I wonder if this is a good price. I was trying to find it for less on other sites but this price seems to be the best, although interestingly the original prices listed are very different: The Purse Store lists $725 as the original price while at Revolve it's only $646.


    Opps, the link no longer works, it's this bag:

  10. Thanks!
  11. ikny, that bag looks great, (I've never seen it before)!
  12. Thank you! I hope I like it when I see it IRL :smile: