Extra 20% off of SALE items at Jcrew.com

  1. I had a nice surprise this morning when I looked at the items in my cart! I am glad I didn't order anything last night.
  2. I have those (in all colors) and I'd say they fit true to size and since they are leather they will stretch a bit. If you get the madras print, go 1/2 size up since they are cotton. And they're comfortable.

    Just remember that all SALES ARE FINAL
  3. I have a couple of them. All of them run true to size and they are very cute.
  4. Got a pair of black Marsala flats and the Riviera wrap jacket in amber.

    I had been eyeing both for awhile, so this is a "Yay!" moment.

    Free shipping with SHIP062.
  5. Is there a minimum purchase for the free shipping?
  6. In the past, I have returned online "no return" items to the store. (just in case, give it a try)
  7. Nope.
  8. Ladies, I went to the J.Crew store in my area last night to see how the sales compared to the online catalogue. They had everything marked down an additional 25% (not 20%), and sales are NOT final. The stuff is pretty picked over, but I got a pair of marsala flats. Good luck!
  9. Thanks for all your replies!

    Just wondering...I can't find black marasala flats on sale?? What colors did you guys get on sale? I only see the yellow suede online and the stores don't seem to have any in new york. :crybaby:
  10. I didn't see black in the store either. The ones I got are gold (and hubby hated them, so they're going back!).
  11. ^^^
    i have the gold ones as well, and i love them. the shoes are great quality and fit for the price.

    i sprayed mine with kenneth cole protectant and have been wearing them every day for nearly two months in the city and they look great. i constantly get compliments on them and no one can believe they're j.crew. i'm jonesing for the cutout silver ones now.

    i'd say they run tts or a tad small. i got away with the 6 1/2 and they've definitely stretched.
  12. shipping code doesnt work...any ideas?
  13. yeah the marsala's run a tad small. i generally wear size 7.5 - 8 but the 8s were a bit snug. but still fit and will eventually stretch out.