Extra 20% off J Crew Sale

  1. Hurry...ends tomorrow. Online..do not know about in-store.
  2. Love it! Ordered a bunch of items last night. :smile:

    Also with code: ASSIST , you get free shipping. Order must be $150+
  3. I ordered a lot last night at 11:45pm. So I got the 20% of sale and the 20% off of orders over $175!:yahoo:
  4. awesome thanks!
  5. Same here! I checked out right at midnight (i still wanted the sybil coat whether i paid full or not b/f the color i wanted sold out) only to see that the extra 20% still worked (thought it might've expired) as well as the 20% on sale items... :heart:
  6. Stopped by a J Crew during lunch and it's an additional 25% off sale items in stores. :smile:
  7. I stopped by a store, and it didn't have additional discount. I was bummed.
  8. I scored a bunch of items worth $285 for $164 :smile: I got the 20% off sale as well as the 20% off $175+!
  9. Anyone know when the friends/family 30% coupon comes out?
  10. FRIENDS&FAMILY 30% COUPON?? I never knew they existed!! GIVE ME! please :smile:
  11. can you tell us which location so we can tell our home stores?

    sometimes if you name the actual store, they'll call and honor it. extreme, but worth the 20-25% off, imho!
  12. ^^ Sure. I actually stopped by another J Crew after work and they had a 25% sale going on as well. Two locations were the ones in New York City (Soho - Prince Street and the other was in Seaport)
  13. Is there a code for the 20% off first $175? Or is it automatic? Thanks!
  14. Also does anyone know if the Luxe Dream bateau sweater is fitted or loose? I will order it if it is fitted - I love the neckline. Thanks!
  15. Well I went ahead and ordered it in grey, and also the caroline short dress in ivory and the suzannah cami in ivory. It was a great deal even though the 20% additional expired.