extra 15% off polo.com May 18 only!!

  1. Use promo code MAY18 to get an extra 15% off at polo.com. This works in addition to any items already in the 40% clearance section! However, promo code is ONLY good on Thursday, May 18!

    Also, if you buy two or more qualifying polos, shipping is free. I ended up getting two of the create your own girls-sized polos for $52.90 shipped. I thought that was a great deal!
  2. I tried and it didn't work.
  3. oh, maybe it's case-sensitive. try "MAY18" instead. I did it this morning, and it worked.
  4. I just tried it with one of the big pony polos and it didn't work either. :sad:
  5. aw, I'm so sorry this didn't work... I have no idea why not :hrmm: I swear it worked for me in the morning (around 8AM EST). well, at least they still have some good deals going on in the private sale.