Extra 10% off new arrivals at BF

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  1. There are a lot of BV's marked 28% off at Bluefly under new arrivals including the medium studded veneta.
  2. I continue to wear and love this purse (the studded hobo) and that is really a very good price for it. I hope a tpf'er gets one!
  3. Hi

    Thanks for letting us know. I have sent the link to my friend as I know she has been thinking about buying the stud hobo. It IS a gorgeous bag.
  4. mistikat, I love mine too. I don't feel the need to baby it as I do with the woven styles.
  5. I had resisted it at first because I wanted my first BV to be woven, but I'm very glad I got it. It's very light, holds a ton, and I adore the leather and the style. I just think it's super versatile!
  6. The BV that I wanted wasn't included in the sale, but on the Steals and Deals forum, there is a banner link that gets you an extra 10%. Yahooooo!
  7. It is interesting (and the reverse of usual BF sales) that the new and hot bags are on sale and the old and unwanted bags are still the usual BF price (except that the poor old Viva Italia orphan at the end is now 30% off... get it while you can!!!). I see the olio Sloane is back and does have the extra 10% - the olio Pyramid too. Someone should snatch those up!!!
  8. That Tartan Tris satchels seems like it has been there for several months, too. And the fringed end bag. Which one is the Viva Italia? Is that the bag with the velvet trim? Poor little orphans...
  9. Yes, Viva Italia is the un-vivacious little orphan with the velvet trim. Trying really hard not to buy that pyramid, why am I even in this thread?
  10. Why? Because BV is the ultimate in luxury and workmanship. The bags look great and smell great (at least when they are new, lol). You love them and cannot help yourself...and a Pyramid wants to live with you, desperately! :graucho:

    Plus, if you order through this entryway, you'll get 10% more off the price. I did:
  11. jburgh, I actually feel sorry for the orphans...they need a home...just not mine! Now fess up...what did you order with the extra, extra 10%?
  12. I was kind of hoping this one would still be there with the extra 10% (and then jburgh's extra 10%)... but it is probably best for my (still non-BV) wallet that it isn't!

    I do like it, though. And I don't have anything else in ebano...
  13. See the one in BookerMoose's picture, the woven ebano satchel with the woven cord detail? That is it! I was looking at it every day, hoping it would go lower. I have to stop now. Please don't enable me :graucho:
  14. Enable you?! I'll fight you for it before it comes to that!!! I've been doing the exact same thing with that same bag... when I read this thread this morning I raced over to BF only to find that it wasn't there. Part of me is glad it wasn't - but most of me is disappointed because I can't get that bag out of my head. Sigh.
  15. Hmmm.

    I can't get the extra 10% link to work anymore. Curses!