Extra 10% off everything today at Bluefly!

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  1. Today only!
  2. The bags I wanted are gone...but that Chloe???? hmmmm
  3. they have a gucci logo bucket tote, with teal in the stripe running around the top. i've been eyeing this bag since i saw it in the bahamas last summer. i have the matching shoes, and a canvas bag with the same stripe at the top, but i'm not so happy with the bag i have. anyways, have been eyeing this one on bluefly. they list it as retailing at $1610 and their best price on a bag that's been out for over a year is $1159 today, as the day of an extra 10% off. i'm disappointed. anyone know where i can get this bag at a better deal? or do any forumers have one they would sell????
  4. Ooooh!
  5. Seriously...why does this always happen almost immediately after I put an order in?!!!! hehe oh well.
  6. ^^^totally know what you mean!