Extra 10% off at Outlets?

  1. After reading another thread about an extra 10% off, I called two outlets to ask if there were any specials this weekend. First one said extra 30% off. Second one said the same so I asked about additional 10% off and she asked if I had received the email. She said I would get 30% plus an extra 10% with the email. Anybody know what email she is talking about? The extra 30% one from the other day or is there another one out there for an extra 10% off that I might have deleted?
  2. Called yet another outlet and was told you had to have a postcard that gives an additional 10% off if you give your email at checkout. :sad:
  3. My dude got postcard n the mail
  4. Jealous, it would have given me a $100 PA. You remember when he got it? Might ask my neighbors if anybody got one...
  5. If i use tomrrow my persimmon will b 94$. Lmbao.
  6. Monday or tuesday, heck could hve been last week. Dont rememer
  7. I received a post card that says additional 10% off online outlet or on stores through the 11th for sharing my email.
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    Sooo jealous! Missouri stores are giving the extra 10%. Too bad I live on the east coast!

  9. Okay, I will forgive you then. ;)
  10. Your dude got one, whaaat? I never get postcards or PCEs. My sister gives me hers (and she never buys anything, maybe once every 4 years).
  11. $100, ouch. I would have got a $50 PA. Maybe I'll just return a bag; I think I bought too many.
  12. I went to the Aurora, IL outlet today and they were handing out coupons for 30% off with an additional 10% off. It said one day only on the coupon but they might give them out all weekend. Great deals to be had. I even got an iPhone case for $18.xx.
  13. My mom got one of those on Tuesday @ Jeffersonville Ohio 30% off plus a extra 10% hers also said 1 day only as well, so apparently it isn't just for one day or just for the weekend. Just a guess here, but I think the 40% off deal might go on until Dec 24.
  14. My outlet has been giving the extra 10% since Black Friday. The coupons they hand out to you have it printed right on them as you walk in.
  15. Was just at my outlet and it was 30% plus 10% on everything for everyone.