Extra 10% from Bluefly

  1. Today only, there's an extra 10% off everything from bluefly including the chloe!
  2. Hi Jen:
    Have you decided which Chloé are you going to buy...:yes::wlae:?
    Only curiosity...:graucho::graucho::graucho:
  3. Watch out when buying Chloe from Bluefly...I bought a Muscade medium paddy from them just a few weeks ago and to my disgust, it turned out to be a very bad fake. Stuffing was even coming out of the handles! I sent it back to them and am still waiting for my refund. So, its kinda "buyer beware" with them :wtf:
  4. I would never give bkuefly money - bad fakers all over the place

    They go through a period of sending real ones for a while and then throw in fakes again

    No way would I ever go there again
  5. I wouldn't trust bluefly either. Even if you get something that appears to be authentic, there would always be that inkling of doubt that it might not be. It appears they still have no idea about what's authentic and what's fake. For the amount you save, it's definitely not worth the risk!
  6. Wow:wtf:! Thanks for the warning. I almost got something but don't want to chance it.
  7. Oh no I should've read this thread earlier. I just paid for a chloe baby paddy in the carnelle colour. it just looked so gorgeous i couldn't resist...
    is bluefly definitely not authentic?
  8. They've had authenticity issues with bluefly on chanel too. I think i'll just have to cancel my order :sad:
  9. I purchased a Gucci from them and it was authentic. Just wait until you receive the bag and do not take off the security tag until it's been authenticated. I'd also search "bluefly" for other tPF opinions. Lastly, take a trip to your local NM or other store that might carry authentic paddy's so you can get to know what real Chloe leather's like...
  10. GyrlLayney, thanks for your advice :tup:
    However I live in Australia so we don't have a NM around. I searched a couple of other threads, so far I've heard some bad news from Chloe and from Chanel. The others seem to be OK

  11. My Balenciaga was fake from there too as well as my Chloe

    i pretty much think that they have had fakes of all designers
  12. If it comes and its fake just dont tell them that as a reason to send back as it took some people 6 months to get their money back as they said that people had done a bait and switch on them - anything to save their own back!
  13. thanks, secret_shopaholic

    hmm im having serious doubts now. has anyone bought a real chloe from them?
    im not sure whether i should cancel my order. i really want it to be real because i love that colour :smile:

    if u don't tell them because it's fake but that you simply changed your mind, how long does it take to get a refund then?
  14. They say a refund will be completed within 10-14 days of receiving your bag. I sent mine back to Bluefly 11 days ago and nothing yet....and I believe I just said that I changed my mind about the bag. Return tag still in place. I'll keep you updated.
  15. I was intending to buy a wallet from there, changed my mind now after this thread. I might get it from Diabro instead - as long as there have never been any fake reports about them?