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  1. omg so like, theres this guy at MAC. HE is gorgeoussss. I mostly go to that MAC store, just to see him. BUT ANYWAYS! he's straight so no do.

    off topic hahaha.

    BUT I saw him yesterday, and he had a new haircut. It was cute and edgy and what not. I really loved it, I told my MA there to ask him who does it, and how he gets his hair done. So she did, he does it himself! ugh sucks, but he said he had extensions. I loved the look, but think it wouldnt be the same without the extensions.

    My question is, do you have to have a certain hair type to have extensions in? my hair is thick, and gets puffy sometimes, his seems to be flat and thin? hahaha iono help me!!!! my hair is about 5 inches long, will it be enough to cover the tracks?

    any tips and other things about extensions i should know?

    how do you take care of them?

    whats bumble and bumble hair powder?!

    oh and how do you spell extension ;[

    thanks everyone!
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  2. You have enough hair to get tracks. I recommend getting them sewn in as you won't lose a lot of hair that way. Glue is messy and you should always have a professional take them out in order to prevent hair loss.
  3. Omg, Elongreach!! your glasses are hotttttttttttt. are they gucci?

    I want to get the them sewn in, but im scared to walk in and ask for tracks. I know theres a place that does em down the street, I'll ask them! thaaanks!
  4. Oh another question, should I get tracks then the haircut, or haircut then the tracks?
  5. Thanks Reynald0C! They're Gucci!

    I would call that place up and ask them about it. Tell them you want tracks and if they glue or sew. Also ask if you should cut your hair before hand. I'm thinking you should wait until after the tracks are taken out.
  6. Those are hott sunglasses!!!

    I was thinking I should get the tracks sewn in then have the guy cutt my hair, and tell him I have tracks. im scared though, because my homegirl got tracks, and they came off in class!
  7. What they do is put the tracks in then cut the tracks to style. If you want your actual hair cut, you should do it after you take them out.

    As for staying in with glue... That's all about how you take care of them. Don't get in any fights and you should be ok. lol. But I've gotten a sew in before and it's really nice. They will leave your hair up in the front and blend it in.

    Also ask about pricing because tracks can be a little expensive. Between 100 and 200 dollars depending on what you get done. If it's cheaper that's great too.
  8. Wow, thats alot!! My friend did another friends tracks, but I think she glued them in. I just want a lil extra hair just to make it couple inches longer, will it still be that much?
  9. Hmm, I don't know. You really should price it out at a couple of salons around you. Ask them if they have a book, so you can see if you like their work. This is a short term investment we are talking about so you should be happy with the outcome.
  10. true, I have a couple weeks to do this!! im scaaaaared hahaha.
  11. I recently had Fusion in my hair. I loved it! It was expensive but I took good care of it. I had it in for about four months and my hair which was already long grew about about 2 inches and the same for my girlfriend who it in. None of it came out until I took them out. I also went to my stylist every two weeks for care. Let me tell you no one could tell the difference from my hair to the Fusion. I plan to put it back in later this year. I LOVED IT! Besides this I've done sewn in back in the day but this was very natural looking.
  12. Don't be scared. Just repeat after me...'It's just hair. It will grow back.'.
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