Extensions, anyone have them?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has them & if they glue them, clip them (Jessica Simpson style) or weave them in their hair? I would love to see some pics. I have read & heard about Great Lengths but they are so expensive just looking for alternatives.
  2. I love extensions I was addicted to them for years :yahoo:
    I have experimented with so many different types too. I have tried the weft I think its called [excuse the spelling not sure], Its basically a long strip of hair you can glue in to your hair, Or it can be sown in, which I never did. But I use to glue them in they where great for a weekend out You can cut then too[as in the long strip].

    But if your looking for a more lasting look. I'd go for the pods there like a false nail tip with the extension hair hanging down. they where the best ones I ever had they lasted 6 months too. I loved them . They where real hair too. This fake hair I never liked , Because I'm a ghd freak :smile: I can't live with out it.:love:

    I say there is an hair extension pro here somewhere they'll tell you the right names for them :yes:
  3. Hope that helps you a lil bit ..
  4. 2 years ago I cut my hair really short and after totally freaking out I considered having extensions.never did though.
  5. I curretnly have extensions! The WEAVE in ones....
  6. How do you find them ????
  7. How do you remove the extensions if you glue them on?

  8. The person that put's them in removes them with a removing bond shampoo. That is how. My hair was grand after it too.
  9. Hi there was a similar thread some weeks ago about extensions. I have extensions right now and i can tell you i look so much prettier with them. I receive compliments all the time and much more people turn their head to look at me(relatively long blond and caramel highlighted haircolor)Check out my suggestions....
    The link to the thread is:

    ...and yes if you want good quality real hair it is expensive. I just paid 750 euros and it was a friendly price....
  10. Thanks for the advice, has anyone tried Hairdo by JS? they look soo good on the vid extensions.com im tempted to get them
  11. I have on order the JS line (the 23" long wavy), however, they have been on back order Since August 31st (when I initially placed my order). I am very anxious to get them. If you are thinking about them place your order NOW, they are VERY back logged. I've heard good things about them.
  12. If you are thinking about purchasing JS line of extensions, go to HSN.com and check out all the customer reviews.
  13. I had extensions when I was in University a few years ago (weave). It was a lot of hassle and I was always concerned with people seeing the tracks since I am a blonde. I kept them in for about 6 months but was really happy to take them out. Last month I was in the airport and saw a woman with long blonde hair and I could see her tracks and the stitching...it took me back. I would get the ones that are glued in as I thing they would be much easier to live with.
  14. You can surely find the weave in ones at any African Hair Salons...Just tell them you want some tracks put in. Usually you'd have to provide your own hair----find it at those hair supplies stores that sell wigs etc..
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