extending the strap of a Zoe?

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  1. Have any of you ladies with a Zoe run into the problem of the strap being slightly too short? It's fine on me when the bag slouches, but when it doesn't the strap is just a tiny bit short. I found a dog leash style clip at Walmart that's almost the same size as the clip on my Zoe, but it's the wrong color :pout:

    I might try a local hardware store tomorrow to see if I can find one that matches the brass hardware on my Zoe. Does Coach sell the clips separately? Any other suggestions on how I could make the strap a bit longer?
  2. Your idea of the clip is perfect! LoveCoachMore had a thread awhile back showing how she did it, let me find it.
  3. Thank you! I bought the clip I found at Walmart but after comparing it to my bag it's way too light. I'm gonna try a hardware store after work tomorrow.
  4. I got some at LOWES or Home Depot. Go to "hooks" section. They have brass, silver, antique in all sizes and shapes. Best of all prices were from $1 to $5 each.
  5. I did this with my pouch as the strap was a little too short and the bag was kind of an armpit bag.
  6. This is why I didn't like the Zoe at first, it was literally up under my armpit. I'm having a much better experience with the editorial size now. If you don't mind a bit more extra weight you could add a bit of brass chain (in the correct proportion to the bag of course).
  7. I thought the extenders could not be used because Zoe strap is closed on the sides?KWIM?
  8. My editorial has a snap hook on one end. You could very easily add a large key ring + clip (and chain) if you wanted.
  9. ^^^That's great info, thanks! More and more I'm wanting the XL Zoe.
  10. The pouch has a clip on one side.

    I assume the other Zoes are the same?
  11. Would it be a total tragedy if the hardware on my Zoe is brass and the clip I got is nickel plated? :blush:

    I'm hoping to find one that matches, but I live in a pretty small town and there's a limited selection.
  12. There is allways online sources too.
  13. Mine is the medium and it has the dogleash clip on one side
  14. I put a brass dogleash clip that I bought at Walmart on my large black Zoe and it is perfect now!:smile:

    It looks exactly like the Coach hardware and looks like it is part of the handle! Love it! It extends the strap length by about 2-3 inches.