Extending the City Strap... Yay or Nay?

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  1. Hi Bbag gals and boyz!

    I LOVE my Rouge Theatre City. It's my one and only Bbag and I love it to death!

    But I find the shoulder strap to be too short to be worn cross-body.
    So, I tried attaching a chain extender to it so it's more comfy for cross-body wear.
    What are your thoughts/ feelings about extending the City strap?

  2. I say whatever works for you. I would be afraid of the chain snagging on my clothing, but if it doesn't and you like to wear it cross body, I say go for it.
  3. I would be afraid of the chain hurting my bag too. I'd probably use a balenciaga boobie to make it longer.
  4. Could you put a boobie on either side? I don't know if that would look silly or not. But I do love the way the boobies look on the bag!
  5. i would get 2 short chains on each side rather than 1 long on 1 side.
  6. Boobie is a good idea. Checking RDC...

    2 short chains is another good idea... Hmm.....
  7. i say do whatever makes you happy and love your bag! i've even seen people use scarves to make their bag strap longer... congrats on your RT City! that is an HG for a lot of people and yours looks great :tup:
  8. Just checked RDC and no Bal Boobie. Anyone know where I could get one? TIA!
  9. I like your idea of the chain. But is it strong enough so the chain won't break?

    Here are a few pics of what I did.
    I got 2 of those little extender things, and attached 1 on each side.
    They're really strong and won't break.

    I just got my first Bbag, so I'm still experimenting with it, but I needed to wear it messenger style over my coat today, so I attached these extenders.


  10. Thanks, Nicole! When I first discovered Bbags, I knew I had to get Ms. RT, that I would hold off on all bag buying and sell a few in my collection to get her. When I found her at a canadian website, I knew she was the ONE.
    Wow, melodramatic, anyone?

    Scarves... another good idea!
  11. Salma, where did you get these? Do they extend far enough to be worn cross-body? They *do* look strong!

    My chain links are welded together, or at least that's what the seller advertised.
  12. #12 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    You can buy these at any hardware store, check Home Depot. :smile:
    But they are pretty strong.

    At first I only attached 1 on one side, and it was enough to wear cross body, but once I added 1 on each side, wow...huge difference!
    I wore it cross body over my big winter coat to work today! It worked great!

    I never thought they would make all that much difference, but really it does!
    Oh and in case you are interested, they come in different color metals, so you can get brass ones or silver tone like I got.
  13. ^ BTW, congrats on your first Bbag!!
  14. thanks! yours is gorgeous also!
  15. Wow! That's a great idea.....I am going to try that.