Extending swing pack... help!

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Well I got my signature stripe swing pack in punch and I love it like nobody's business. I have been staring at it all night. I tried it on and there's a problem -- I want it to hang lower on my hips. (I guess the root cause is that I'm not as thin as I should be -- guess I need to stop snacking on swedish fish). Anyway I feel like it's just too short on me - it's almost uncomfortable :crybaby: and I looked in the mirror and it kind of looks funny, too.

    I even made my awesome bf try it on (he's 2" taller than me but smaller framed) and it fit HIM perfectly (it figures). Anyway I was thinking if I could just extend the strap a few inches (maybe 3 or 4) it would be perfect.

    Any ideas? I don't want it to look ugly either -- i would like to find something that is "barely noticible"

  2. I find that when I push mine to the back it hangs a bit better. Not sure if there is an extender though.
  3. can you post a pic?

    i really dont know if there is an extender for it though...
  4. tried pushing it in the back.. it's not good..
    It's making me depressed/embarrassed/angry (lots of emotions I guess) that i'm too fat for a damn pocketbook!!! :shame: :crybaby:
  5. That's how I usually wear mine for the same reason. Sometimes pushed to the front of myself also.
  6. don't have a picture and camera needs charging..

    I want the thing to hit me on my hip bone or just below.. but it feels it's way too high up..

    I need to go to the gym so I can fit into my pocketbook (the thought is simultaneously making me lmao and cry)

    Are there any larger framed girls that own the swing pack -- ? can you tell me how it fits?
  7. Also, I like to shorten the strap completely and wear as a shoulder bag. Sometimes I just don't feel right with the cross body look. Try that out and see if that works for you.
  8. I use two keychains to extend my black swingpack (it's an older one where you can completely detach the strap, unlike now where its only one end (the fob keychains). I'm over 6' tall and a size 12, so it was too short, now it's perfect and I get compliments all the time on my little trick.

    like this

    what about a solid silver Coach keyfob? like this?

    it really works well!!!!
  9. hmmm, I just saw that it's brass, not silver. Coach doesn't sell brass in the boutiques, but I just saw the trigger snap in brown with brass at the outlets for $24. Call wrentham and see if they have it. That would work and still be very Coach!

    and please don't be sad! every time I see one of your posts and see your avatar, I think that you are very pretty and have great curly hair and a great smile! Be proud of who you are, wear your swingpack that you love and be a happy girl!

  10. Thank you for the ideas and the kind words.:smile:
    I think I may be going to Wrentham clothes shopping on Friday so I'll check out the outlet...
  11. you're welcome! :yes:

    take your swingpack with you and check out the keychains. it sounds silly, but it does work!!
  12. I had this exact same problem with my swingpack (white sig stripe). It made me look chubbers. I'm not tall at all, but it was just too skinny and hung weird, so I returned it :sad:
  13. Hmm. Mine fits me perfectly. I'm 5'11" about average build, but I have broad shoulders.
  14. If your avatar is your real picture, then I know what the problem is because it is the same as mine...BOOBS! They get in the way and force the swingpack to not fit right. I am only 5'2" so it isn't the height that is the problem, just the busty chests....ughhhh! I have tried several times to make a swingpack work, but it looks ridiculous. Best of luck to you on finding an extender. I know how you feel, hang in there!
  15. if "the girls" are in the way...why not wear it OVER them...like the strap will go from your neck to under your opposit arm with the bag hanging in the back? (this is how I wear mine when I shop...even though my girls are tiny...but it keeps the bag from swinging to the front when I'm bending over or something)