Extending Strap of Musette Salsa?

  1. Hi guys. I have the Musette Salsa short strap, and was wondering if there is a way to extend the strap to make it a cross-body bag. Is there some sort of strap extender that is available at LV? TIA!
  2. hey namesake... i have actually asked my sa here in vegas about that, as i have the same bag. unfortunately, they dont have an extender at the moment. i have even asked her about maybe sending it in the shop to exchange the strap for the longer one and she said its not possible =(

    totally OT, what part of manila are you from? i might be going home to the motherland next month and i would love to hook up with fellow tpf members, maybe go shop in greenbelt =)
  3. hi there. too bad about the musette strap

    i live in Antipolo which is about an hour away from Makati. would love to go shopping with you when you come over. however, let me warn you that prices in LV greenbelt are very high (maybe about 20% higher), i buy most of my LVs in Singapore or Seoul, or in Europe.
  4. that much difference? nevermind then... hehehe my grandparents have a resthouse in antipolo. we used to go there every weekend to swim. its near villa cristina i think? thats what i remember... anyway, i'm only waiting on 1 more bag and i think im done for 2008.... unless may lumabas na iba... hahahaha.
  5. You CAN send it in and have them exchange the strap. I know someone personally that had it done. It took 4 months to get it back and was a little expensive, but they can do it. As far as that goes, even with a mono cabas piano, if you want the strap longer, you can have it special ordered. I got that directly from the manager of the store I go to.
  6. really? maybe i should go in again and ask. do you think it depends on the sa? tia