Extending PCE

  1. Does anyone know if they will extend the PCE date like they did last time around? I called the 1-888# and the guy from order entry dept. said that if I called cust. service tomorrow they'd be able to assist me. I asked if that meant that they will extend it or just that they'd be able to answer my question. He said they'd be able to answer my question & that it wasn't definite that they'd extend it. So does anyone know if they'll extend it again? SA's on tpf, do you know or can you tell us? Thanks!
  2. I haven't heard this time around, but have been told that the extension LAST time was due to end of fiscal year profits (or lack of...). So it may have been a fluke.
  3. I think they would have said something already if they were extending. Didn't they extend PCE last time about half way through the original week? I'm not quite sure but I remember the original dates weren't over yet and they had already announced the extension.
  4. PCE will NOT be extended, the main reason for last time was because invites were sent out late and to accommodate the customers they extended it.
  5. Thanks ladies!
  6. I wish it would be extended. I want everything new that's on the website.

    I just got my emilia clogs today...and my bracelet yesterday. I don't like my bracelet...and I just found the Bleeker Patchwork Duffle that I am suddenly lusting for like nobody's business. and the Felicia XL :graucho:.....I'm going to faint!!:wtf:

    I'm scheming on how I can get 'em, pay cash, no credit card bills, and be happy.:shrugs:

    Heck...if I got those two, I'd actually post pics!!:yes:

  8. What bracelet did you get?
  9. It got extended at the Coach boutique I visited yesterday and today while I was out of town! They wouldn't give me the discount on the new stuff but I got a discount on a patent wristlet! They were very quiet about it. I mentioned that I had gotten an invite and the SA quietly told me that they'd give me the discount on anything but the new stuff! I couldn't believe it!