Extending listings ??

  1. Is it possible to move the end date of your listing, if there are no bids on it?

  2. Nope, eBay stopped that. They figured out they were losing $$$.
  3. Do you mean extend your listing for a few extra days?
    If so then yes you can still revise the length of your listing for up to 10 days. Click on the 'duration' drop down box in the selling format area of your listing.
    There is a 40 cent additional charge for the priviledge!
  4. Actually now I'm confused as I just found this on eBay:

    Extension of Listings - eBay listings (both 'auctions' and fixed price listings) have a fixed duration. eBay may on rare occasions (for example, as the result of a site outage) extend the duration of a listing. Extension of listing duration by a seller, via either manual actions or the use of automated tools, is not permitted. Extension of listings by a seller for any reason is not only a form of fee avoidance, but also harms the finding experience for buyers.
  5. They stopped allowing editing listings to extend them, once they are listed, last month or so. So once you select 5 days or whatever, you can't change it to 7 days.
  6. It still allows you to change the listing to 10 days if you pay the 40 cents though, right?
    I know I extended a few of my own listings from 7 to 10 days just over a week ago and didn't have any problems making the changes.
    Maybe they don't mind if they make money..
  7. I am going to have to check. I don't know if I have tried that since the change.
  8. Serious?! I didn't know that! I have something listed and I was planning on extending it later tonight if no one placed a bid yet! :cursing:
  9. as far as i know i have changed it with no problems but i haven't done it in about a month but i say try it and see what happens
  10. My question is out of curiousity, due to keeping an eye on a seller who I am certain is up to no good!!!!!

    This item has already had some strange bidding history on it to-date, and now the number of days left, seem to be constantly 1d and so many hours, and never dropping below it, which makes me think it is being extended!!!

    I had best stop watching it!!

    For my own sanity. LOLOL

    Thanks again everyone.
  11. I've extended listings, which initially I've put on for 3 days, and had no interest so extended it to 5, 7 or 10 days. But you have to do it with approx 24 hrs left on the item, otherwise you cannot revise the item. If the item has only approx 10 hrs left, it cannot be revised. I say approx as I'm not sure at what time it changes from being able to revise to not being able to revise. This is on the UK site.
  12. Just out of curiosity I changed a listing from 7 to 10 days without a problem. I was just charged the usual 40 cents.
    Maybe you can no longer change the ones there is no fee for?
  13. Just to make sure, I've just been onto ebay and revised an item from a 7 day listing to 10 days. I didn't incur any additional charges. Maybe these charges only apply to US.
  14. I 2nd this. On the US site it costs .40 to make it a 10 day listing.