extending listing time

  1. Hi~
    I'm obviously new to selling on eBay, that's why I've been posting so many questions about it. Anyway...if I have a listing with no bids on it cant I extend the time on it? Can anybody tell me how to do that and if there are any rules about it? I think I have to do it before a certain time, right? I dont know....any help will do! Thanks so much~!
  2. You can try to revise the listing and where you selected the length see if there is still a drop down. If you you'll just need to relist it when it is over...
  3. I tried to revise, but I couldnt find the part that determined the duration of the auction. If I relist, do I have to pay for the fees again? I know it's only a couple dollars, but still, why pay if you dont have too?
  4. Once the time is up on the listing if there are no bids you can relist it and then if the item sells you are granted those relisting fees back is my understanding. You might do a search on eBay and get a better understanding of how if works...:smile:
  5. Yep, if you relist and it sells the second time you get the second fees back.
  6. i think they stopped people lengthening listings a while back
  7. You can only lengthen the listing time within the first 1-2 HOURS after you first list. New rule. Stupid.