Extended Info of Color

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  1. While the color swatches are very useful in many ways, some of the colors are just so close that is hard to distinguish just by looking at the swatches. I was wondering if we can put together information of the color of the zipper associated with each color as well? For example, there used to be confusionws between the 04 seafoam and 04 turquoise, and one way to tell is the color of the zipper. The 04 seafoam has zipper color lighter than the leather, while the 04 turquoise has zipper color darker than the leather :yes: I guess information about the laces color could be helpful too ;)
  2. i think comparison shots are going to be really needed more than anything... maybe colors could be grouped (blues, reds, greens) as well as by season... maybe the zipper color will be more important as time goes on, as more colors get repeated.
  3. I think the zipper color and laces color are important & helpful w/certain colors -and it would be great to include them w/those particular colors. Not only to distinguish them from one another, but also to help w/authentication.
    As you said, the '04 turquoise and '04 seafoam would be important. Also, the laces for pistachio and dolma green (to authenticate). Maybe taupe also.
  4. what about lace colors? they are also lighter and darker on different shades of lilac :smile:
  5. Excellent ideas! Let's use this thread as a work in progress where you can post all relevant information including comparison pics and then we can clean it up and make it a permanent reference thread.
  6. Great idea Jag :heart: