Exta, extra! Get your PNY wallets while they are ON SALE!

  1. Yes, that's correct. I just called my s/a, Jenny Tsu, at the Bellagio boutique to inquire about wallets, and the PNY and Outdoor collection are on sale!! Unfortunately, I already bought my zip around PNY at the original $675 price, but they are now $505! Black and dark gold are currently in stock at several boutiques.

    I bought a long Outdoor foldover wallet to match my tote on sale for $410 (from $550). The zip-around Outdoor is $485 (from $675). Black and brown are available.

    Best to call or visit your local boutique. The Bellagio is 702-765-5505 but lots of boutiques have these wallets in stock.
  2. Are there any pictures of the wallets? I'm interested in getting one on sale.
  3. If you do a search for wallets in the main Chanel forum, you'll find pics. Search for PNY and Outdoor.
  4. check the Reference Library, I posted my pics in there!

    Thanks Ro, this is amazing!
  5. do you know if this is a sales just at that location or ALL Chanels?
  6. Thanks for posting this. I was able to find a picture of the PNY wallet but not the Outdoor Wallet... does anybody know where I can find it? I did a search on "Outdoor Wallet", "Outdoor", and I checked the Outdoor Reference Thread. Thanks!
  7. Wow! Thanks for posting Roey! I've always loved this wallet. Cant believe it's actually on sale:yahoo:. I smell a PNY coming my way:upsidedown:
  8. Ahh, omg girl, this is INSANE news!!! :heart: I had and returned the gorgeous long black PNY wallet, but maybe I could get the smaller one! :nuts: Do you happen to know how much the smaller one is (I forgot, but I remember thinking that there wasn't much difference price wise between the larger one and the smaller one)?! :smile: Hmmm, and do you know if the Outdoor wallet comes in a smaller size (me and my love for smaller wallets haha), or is the size you ordered the smallest size? :p Anyway, no worries if you're not sure, because I'll be calling the boutique tomorrow to find out! :nuts:
  9. Minal, my s/a said the smaller PNY is definitely available but I can't remember the sale price she quoted. It is definitely a "Minal" wallet - Nathalie posted a pic of her dark white one in the September/October purchases thread.

    The small Outdoor wallet is in the eBay auction link I posted above, but again, I don't know the sale price, or if the boutiques have it in stock. I only inquired about the longer size.

    Because I purchased my PNY on October 2nd, my s/a could not do a price adjustment, stating it has to be w/in two weeks of purchase. When I lived in Massachusetts, it was a state law that if a product went on sale you had 30 days to receive a price adjustment. Anyone know the law in Nevada?
  10. Sorry everyone.... The information was incorrect. There is no sale on the PNY wallets or any other wallets.
  11. ^Where are you getting your information hockey17? With only 10 posts, I highly doubt your credibility. Why would my s/a at the Chanel boutique in Las Vegas SELL me a wallet ON SALE if it wasn't on sale? Surely she could lose her job.

    Edited to add you say you work for Chanel at Bellagio. Someone there is dropping the ball. I was specifically quoted original and sale prices for these two collections so why all of a sudden no sale, or is this a pretend sale to mislead customers??
  12. Hey girl! :heart: I just spoke with Jenny (who asked me if you referred me... I said yes haha!), and ordered the smaller black PNY wallet... I think it'll be perfect for me... a definite "Minal" wallet I think! :p

    I'm not sure what you are talking about hockey17, but the wallet I ordered was most definitely on sale :confused1:... $410 (reduced from $545 I believe) before shipping and taxes.

    Ahh, that sucks that you couldn't get a price adjustment girl, but getting your new gorgeous Outdoor ligne wallet on sale will lessen the blow! :tup: Plus, you've gotten great use out of your PNY wallet I'm sure, so it's not like it's been sitting in a box unused and untouched. :heart: Thanks soo much for the tip... I'm very excited to get this wallet, ahh!! :nuts:

  13. any pics of the wallets, ladies?? i've still got no idea what wallets that are going on sale!!
  14. Okay, here's the update from Chanel Bellagio. Please read this information carefully and DO NOT contact the boutique for a sale wallet.

    The PNY and Outdoor wallets are in the process of being transfered to the Woodbuy Commons Outlet in New York where they will be sold at the sale prices. In other words, the boutiques will not be having a sale on these wallets.

    Woodbury Commons DOES NOT do charge-sends unfortunately. If you want a wallet you must go in person.

    So, yes, a markdown, but not at the boutiques, as I wasn't able to get mine after all.