Expressing breastmilk

  1. Need advice from moms who breastfed/are breastfeeding!! Is it possible to nurse the baby perfectly by latching, but be totally unable to express using a pump? That is, the baby seems to be suckling fine, but when I pump, nothing comes out.
  2. Yes, it is. Many women get tense when using the pump and have trouble expressing. This is why many pumps actually have a place to put a picture of the baby, so you're thinking and looking at the baby while pumping. This kind of tricks the mind into thinking your baby is at the breast and then you will be able to express.

    Keep trying, and try out different pumps and methods!
  3. THANKS, Lamiastella!!
  4. Good luck, lady! I struggled so much when I started nursing, and then later pumping. Lamiastella had a great idea about having a pic of baby. Keep it up, GF, you will do great!!
  5. You can also have baby feeding and express the other side at the same time, that can help. Sometimes its just not possible to express, I never could, even when I had a huge supply. I think its just a machine simply does not provide the same sucking motion as a baby, Best of luck with it though.

    I definetly reccomend trying a few different types of pumps.
  6. I think the brand of pump also plays a part. Go for Medela!

  7. Its TOTALLY normal. I nursed both my boys (extended breastfeeding) and both were exclusively breastfed for the first full 12 months (NO SUPPLIMENTATION) and I would let down whenever I heard them cry or smell their clothes but I could NEVER express or use a pump. I just froze up. It was weird. Do you have to pump?
  8. I sucked at pumping {no pun intended}, what I did that really helped was got larged flanges {make sure your areola is completely inside the flange} and used a heating pad on my chest to assist w/ let down for a minute before trying to pump. Also, do it straight out of the shower when they're still really warm.

    What pump are you using?
  9. I found eating almonds while I pumped really helped. Good luck....
  10. I used a Medela and it worked fast and pumped well. You might not have a good suction around the areola. Make sure that is latched... I also expressed in the morning when I woke up and are fully loaded (No pun intended) ..Good luck and keep trying... Breast milk is the best for baby....
  11. When I wrote my first comment, I didn't have the time to add my experience to it ;)

    I had a bit of trouble pumping in the beginning too. I was so worried that I was going to do something wrong or hurt myself (IDK where that crazy idea came from, lol) that nothing would come out. I talked to some of the wonderful women in my birth month group at the hospital and they gave me some tips, and my lactation consultant came to my home one day and had me show her what I was doing, and gave me a few pointers and tips. She's the one who actually suggested the baby picture thing to me. My pump has a little slot for a picture, but I never knew what it was used for, so I just left it empty until my LC told me what it was for and how it could help.

    Swanky also has a good tip. Warm compresses can help with letdown and (for me) make my breasts less sore and tender.

    Kcf, you and I do the same: pump first thing in the morning. Julia sleeps through the night now and very rarely has a feeding in the middle of the night - so by the time I've woken up, my boobs are nearly overflowing, lol. Getting a pumping schedule going is good. Your breasts will know what to expect and when, and once you get the hang of it everything will work out smoothly!
  12. I will eventually because I'm going back to work. I hope something happens before then!
  13. Avent ISIS handpump. It's supposed to be industrial standard.
  14. Thanks for your advice, everyone!!
  15. I know that Isis is excellent, but a handpump is a little harder than an electric, you may want to rent one and see if it makes a difference.