Express Up to 80% off Sale + Extra 40% off in cart

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  1. Express takes up to 80% off (was 70% off <= 60% off) during its Shop the Box Sale. Plus, receive an extra 40% off (was 30% off <= 20% off) automatically in cart.:tup:

  2. Thanks
  3. What about store?
  4. same promotion in stores
  5. Thanks. I just bought something yesterday, that's mean I need to do a price adjustment.
  6. Can this be combined with any other codes? Free shipping maybe?
  7. Coupons from Express can't be stackable with its Sales. And I don't think Express ever released any FS Codes. :sad:
  8. Darn.

    But this sale is still great! Thanks!
  9. I put some $9.99 items into my cart but when I saw that I had to pay $8 shipping, I hesitated. I'm going to the mall this weekend to check out what I can buy.
  10. thanks for the post. i got a few nice shirts for bf. :smile:
  11. got a $98 dress, $40 wallet and $40 tie for only $30+tax =)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Wow! Looks like I need to make a trip to the mall this Friday :biggrin:

    How long is the sale going on?
  13. Anyone? How long is the sale?
  14. i had some VIP saving pass and on the back it didn't say doesn't work on sale/clearance. The online system didn't take the coupon code for me.. but i placed my order anyways and called in, and they honored the code still 'cuz they said it was a misprinted on a whole batch of coupons that were sent out last week.
  15. I love this sale!! Today I bought 2 shirts, a sweater dress, a light jacket and a sweater for $50!! Amazing deal!!:yahoo: