express mail to great britain

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  1. So the package was sent like seven days ago, and now the tracking says:
    Attempted Delivery Abroad

    Does that mean they tried to deliver it to the person? I don't know if this is required to sign for?

    What should it say when it's delivered?

  2. Yes, it means that delivery was attempted but no one was there to sign for it. All Express mail has to be signed for upon receipt. When it's delivered, it will give you the date, time and name of the person who signed for the package.
  3. If it was delivered by Parcelforce (part of Royal Mail) you would get that message if the parcel have customs charges on it. They will then send you a letter telling you how much and how to pay it. They won't try to deliver until you have sent them the money.
  4. doesn't it say that if they're holding it as there's a customs fee to pay before delivery ? i thought i'd read that several people knew darn well that no attempt had been made to deliver and they'd had to pay the charge first ??
  5. typing at the same time as ikaand !
  6. I have given up trying to work out which is the normal position as something else seems to happen every time I buy from the USA. Commonly I receive a letter asking me to log on to pay customs fees before arranging delivery, but sometimes delivery is simply made and I am invoiced afterwards and occasionally the delivery guy asks for the money directly when he turns up. All very puzzling as these variations seem to occur within the same company be it DHL, Parcel Force, Fedex, Royal Mail, UPS etc. I think though no matter what the position with customs, I always have to sign for delivery.
  7. yeah, in the past i've had to pay on delivery, pay before delivery, and had the delivery, thought i'd got away with it , then got an invoice a week later
  8. Parcelforce, would have left them a delivery card, to either collect from their nearest post office, or their depot, as far as I know they don't attempt delivery if there is a customs charge, they send a letter in the mail to pay online or whatever and then deliver. Sometimes they don't leave anything and attempt two more deliveries until they return to their depot