Express Mail Does Ship on Holidays!!!!

  1. Yes, that's right a few moments ago my METALLIC MAGENTA FIRST arrived!! I was so excited to see the postal lady!!! I opened up the box and there was the brightest, shiny pink bag I have ever seen!!

    The bag has pefect handles and corners!! It does have some tiny wear on the hardwear especially where the strap rubs and attaches to the circle thing which is to be expected as that part of the bag moves. It also has a small scuff mark on the bottom but other than that and the fact the previous owner spit the tassels. It is perfect!!!

    I am so excited to see one of these bags in person as I have been dreaming about the color for weeks!! The leather is a bit different that my 05 bubblegum but I know it comes from a different animal. I can not stress enough how bright this bag is. It is definetly a head turner and a bag that will make people stop and stare. It changes color in the lights as well. It goes from a hot pink to a magenta!!

    As much as I hate to say this I am not sure if this bag is going to be a keeper for me. I love, love, the color but I just am not sure I have enough interesting places to wear this bag. I am going to have to see. I didn't instantly love it when it came out of the dustbag. I didn't with the bubblegum either so I am going to give it a few days and see.

    Anyway, Now that I have made you read all the fine print. Here are pics of my fantastic Metallic Magenta First!!
    metallicfrontflash.jpg metallicflash.jpg mtallicfrontnoflas.jpg metallicnoflash.jpg
  2. Nice and shiny! :love:
  3. That's HOT!!!!!! Please give her a chance! It's beautiful!!!!!!
  4. OMG! I LOVE that bag! The color with the metallic leather is so amazing! Congrats Meemie! You should definitely keep it for a little while at least. It is a really fabulous bag! :yes: :yahoo:
  5. very pretty! But i can see your dilemma...i can't imagine how many places you can carry such a loud and bright color. Hmm...maybe out to fancy dinners and to clubs ? It'll certainly add a POP to any outfit for sure.

    Goodluck with your decision =]
  6. Very glad express mail is delivered on holidays..that is nice to know. It is adorable but I haven't gotten one right now because I worry, like you, that I won't use it. I worry it isn't practical. I don't know. I still love it though!!!
  7. Yeah ITA zac! Give that baby a chance... she's so purty!
  8. Thanks girls!!! It's funny because my oldest son asked me if I spray painted the other one. Then he said he liked it better than the bubblegum.

    The color is hot!!! I just am not sure if a stay at home mom in the middle of no-wear can pull this off. I already get looks in the grocery store since I look like 12 and my son is 10. I can only imagine what they would be like if I went in with this purse. Not that I really care!!!

    I am going to make a decision on it tonight. Either I am going to pony up and carry it no matter where I go or I am going to put it back up. I can't wait because if I don't I will keep it and it may sit in my closet. If that is the case I would rather sell it and buy another B-Bag I will use.
  9. :lol:

    I know what you mean, the metallic magenta is loud. Every woman deserves a fun purse though! They're probably jealous. :P
  10. Wow! That is one spectacular color. Please do give it a chance! It doesn't matter where you take it if it makes you smile. Repeat after me..."There is nothing wrong with taking a bright shiney purse to the grocery store!"

    Funny how boys have definite opinions on girl son is 14 and he made an awful face when I mentioned metallic magenta to him.
  11. Lol I figure that is the face I will be seeing in about 4 years. I was surprised he liked it. My other son did not but he hates pink and purple. He told his friend once, "Yah my MOM was the one that painted the bathroom purple."
  12. Meemie, please be brave and take her out :yes: , she is extremely special :heart: (just like all women..hehe). If you get looks, trust me, it is because other women wish they could wear such a cool bag. If you don't like it, that's another story. Trust me, once you wear her a few times, you will get sooo used to it. Before you know it, you'll be talking someone else into buying a metallic ;)
  13. totally agree - just give the new b-bag a chance... take her out for a few spins and see what happens!!! btw - STUNNING b-bag!!!
  14. Well, I took her out to the grocery store girls and I did get some looks. Not sure if it was the bag or the fact that my youngest son kept touching everything in sight. lol

    I am pretty sure as much as I love the color the bag is not for me. I know that it will end up sitting in my closest begging for me to bring her out to play and I won't because I like the bubblegum better. I am such a picky pain in the butt.