Express - Free travel case with $25 purchase Exp 11/21/07

  1. thank u for sharing!
  2. Thanks - I love Express! ;)
  3. I love their premium jeans. Great fit!
  4. thanks for posting. do you by any chance know if there are any printable ones for a discount off clothing? like $25 off $100 purchases? TIA!

    btw, how do you get these coupons? from express directly?
  5. Did anyone get it yet? I'm curious to know what it looks like.
  6. I got one this weekend..Its two smaller cosmetic bag and one larger case. Theyre both black nylon with their lion graphic on the bottom right hand corner. If you use your Express card, the case comes with a $15 coupon. You don't need the posted coupon to get the case..I didn't have it and I still got one. Also..all their jeans are $20 off. Happy shopping! :smile: