Express coupon for $50 off $150 ??

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  1. Does anyone out there have a spare express coupon. I would appreciate one for a purchase for over $100. Thx so much for sharing.... I love to share the ones I don't use!

    Pls PM me. Stephanie:smile:
  2. I think 50 off 150 was valid only bw 2/11-15. I have them but i guess it's no use. I have 30 off 90 (or 20 off 60 or 10 off 30). If you want them pm me.
  3. I want to purchase a blazer from express which is over 60.....If anyone has extra 20 off 60 printable coupon, pls pm me . thanks a lot.
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    Last edited: Feb 18, 2010
    nvm, just realized the coupon I had expired on Feb 15th.
  5. Anyone else has the coupon code for express? looking for some stuff there.

  6. ^thanks
  7. Looking for $10 off $30 or more.

  8. 1083747725336393
    $10 OFF $30
    $30 OFF $100
    $50 OFF $150
    Expires April 5th

    $75 OFF $300
    Valid March 12th thru April 5th
  9. any printable coupons??
  10. does anyone know if you get free shipping for online orders if you have an express card? how do you get free shipping? tia
  11. Here's a $20 off your $60 or $10 off your $20 purchase online promo code: 7719901199316495
  12. $40 off $120 code: 7719911451556498
  13. There is also a coupon in the latest Glamour magazine (April), if you need something for in-store purchases.
  14. i'm looking for an online code too! please pm me if you have one :smile: