1. OK girls...

    50% off!!! select styles starting today

    I recommend...

    Any of the ELITE Stretch shirts, especially for girls that are stacked on top :p
    The 'bandage skirts'

    Well, pretty much anything!!! I have like $400 worth of stuff in my cart right now; the madness needs to stop :lol:
  2. Are they having the same sales in the store?
  3. Oh good, I realllyyyy need some capris NOW! It's like thirty degrees warmer than normal here right now, so I'm desperately trying to scrape together outfits since I've been too busy studying to go to the mall haha :sad:
  4. I hope they have the same deals in the actual store when I go this weekend. How long are they doing the fast cash for? I definately need to buy the bandage skirt and get fast cash later on to use.
  5. Has anyone else bought anything since the sale started? Now they have an additional 20% off of the clearance price.
  6. I bought a LOT of stuff lately... (I swear I'm on a ban... I swear... until its Fast Cash time lol)

    I'm in LOVE with their stretch tees, and at 2/$25 right now I couldn't resist. Bought the black studded vneck and scoop neck, the white studded vneck, and a green scoop neck

    Bought the studio stretch pencil skirt in denim (the one with 3 buttons up the back) the white and black geometric pencil skirt, an elite stretch shirt, a black short sleeve button up and a purple short sleeve button up... and a few necklaces.

    Seriously. It needs to stop :lol:
  7. Anyone know Express' policy on price adjustments? :smile:

    I got the black geometric pencil skirt too. So cool looking.

    I also got the the ruffled foldover miniskirt (*&Mrsavf=SIZE_NAME&Mrsavf=category&Mrsavf=Color), a white elite stretch easy care button-down (or something), and the ombre flat-pleat mini skirt (, which wasn't on sale.

    Has anyone tried this silk romper (*&Mrsavf=*)? I think it's super cute, but I can see it being one of those pieces that you have to have the exact right body type for and it has to fit just so, or it's a disaster.
  8. ^^ I didn't try the romper on because its a little pricey, IMO.

    The ombre flat pleat skirt... can you take a pic of it for me?? Either on you or just a pic of it on a flat surface. I want to order it online but not sure I will like it... and they don't carry it in my store. Is it similar to their bandage skirt?
  9. I believe it is 10 to 14 days with receipt, ID, and original form of payment... but it might have changed - call your local store.
  10. Haven't gotten my order yet -- should be today or tomorrow -- but I'll be happy to take a picture for you when it comes in. They didn't carry it in my store either, so I haven't seen it IRL.

    I haven't tried on any of the bandage skirts, so I'm not sure how they compare.
  11. Oh I was wondering why I couldn't find that ombre skirt at my store! It looks so cute online, but I'm afraid to order it lol
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    LOL I'm afraid to order it too. I'm about to place an order online though... because I found a few things i've convinced myself I need. It needs to stop. Someone please take away my ATM card

    Ok, so I clicked it... I just spent another $80 at Express. That's like $300 in a week. :lol:




    I'm done... seriously. I am. No really. Until its time to use the $100 in Express cash I have lol
  13. I'm trying to clean out my room since I'm moving soon, so I've started using bags that I've saved from stores as garbage bags. My dumpster must have at least 60 Express bags in it right're not the only one with a problem hahaha :smile: