1. express has some cute stuff especially the "work", dressed up look which suits my style :biggrin: though it's been getting pricy for me but the coupons help alot.
  2. ooh i saw that dress online and wanted to try it on but they didnt have my size at the store )next size up looked humongo) any modelling pics?? :graucho:
  3. I used to work at Express in college. I spent a nice chunk of my paycheck there. :p Now, however, I don't spend a whole lot of time in Express. I guess I tend to migrate over to Ann Taylor Loft, White House/Black Market, and Banana Republic more often. :heart:
  4. Ahh, I used to shop here SO much when I was younger! Hell, I still buy stuff there often enough. Hmm, I think the last purchases I made were the sequined front tank in at least five colors haha, and a couple of those open front shawl cardis (black, burgundy and grey). :smile: Actually, no, the most recent stuff = a super cute burgundy sweater dress ($19.99 on sale), three beaded cardis that were originally $69ish down to $20ish and a black high waisted pencil skirt (also on sale for $20ish)... love the sales! :nuts:
  5. I actually wore that black beaded cardi last week!
  6. Love the outfit! :nuts:
  7. ^^ LOVE that!

    Maybe Express read this thread. $30 off $75 purchase through Sunday online (code 4227) or in stores. Guess where I'm going tonight...
  8. Haha I'll try! I can never ever get good pictures in my apartment...I think the lighting sucks lol.
  9. thank you ladies!
  10. I went to Express last night and am sad to report I found nothing of serious interest. But since the coupon expires Sunday I did end up buying a few cardis and a few button ups on sale. 2 button ups and 2 cardis for $60 after coupon... so not bad.

    I might order the cropped blazer online. They don't carry it in my store (yet?) and it does look cute, but since their sizing is so inconsistent I'm a tad hestitant.

    I am wearing my Express studded blazer today (pic in outfit of the day thread and on my blog). Here's a close up shot. I :love: this blazer
  11. ^Oh I always loved that blazer, but my dumb Express sold out of my size before I could get one!

    kooky, I'm still working on your modeling pic of the black and white dress. The lighting in my apartment is too bad to take a good one AND the internet is too slow to upload them :p gosh I suck hahaha. I'll do it this weekend when I'm home with good lighting and wifi.
  12. ^^ Can you believe I scored it on clearance a few months ago? I paid $10!!
  13. Express is the best! I'm guilty of spending lots of money there at least twice a month :p
  14. I love the blazer! Just because of you I gotta go buy this and more clothes :graucho: