Express - Clear The Racks Sale / $9.99 And Up

  1. also if you shop in stores, you get an extra 30% off anything that ends in .99

  2. i'll stop by laterrrr..
  3. i feel bad for them. this is a rather huge sale - theyre closing the store on 58th and lex bc theyre losing so much money =(( sad....
  4. Actually I think the mens space is moving in with the womens.
  5. ooh is it ?? what does that mean anyway? so they're expanding from the 2nd floor to the first... ??

    I don't know, but they had a sign that said they will be closing that location and a SA confirmed it to me that they would close sometime soon (like this weekend or next) ..... maybe theyre wrong.... ???

  6. I went today and all redlines were an additional 30% off..some great deals I got two cute dresses each retailing 69.50 for 14.00 each!!!
  7. does anyone know how long the sale will go for?