Express anyone????

  1. Hi everyone. I just got back from the mall. And i went to express they have the cuties clothes. I went and spent 500.00. I went out of control. Does anyone love express and checked out there new clothes?
  2. I love the editor pants in luxrey strech. i have every color in every cut practicaly. do they have thier cute fall/winter sweaters yet?
  3. LOVE Express, the men's stuff is great too...very affordable, with great quality and style.
  4. I like Express and I'd probably buy their clothes more often if they'd allow people to shop online and order from their website.

  5. I agree they should have were you can shop online. I go in there about 1-2 week. And always come out with tons of stuff.

  6. Yeah they have all there sweaters now. I know they are getting some more.
  7. I love their pants for work. I have probably a dozen pairs!!!
  8. Ditto-I love their pants, they fit perfectly!!!
  9. Has anyone noticed the sizing is very different this year? (with the pants)
  10. $500!! what a haul! show us what you bought!!
  11. i love some of there basic pieces... i match up for work...
    i do limted sometimes- i love ther business clothing...
    but not liking there retunr policy and clothing not holding up.. some stuff splitting at the seems.. swears snagging etc..
    they are now owned by the same company
  12. express has the best tee shirts! they're the only brand that hit me at the bottom of the hip and don't shrink up....:love: otherwise, for my current needs, it's a bit too sexy and reminiscent of my sorority days. we all ended up with the same outfits in different colors. :shame:
  13. Sadly we don't have express here yet for some reason and I can't shop from it online :sad: (maybe they don't franchise outside the US?)
    but I buy from em whenever I'm in the US for sure. they have some cute stuff ^^
    I hope they will sell online sometime soon!!
  14. Yeah i get pants and shirts for work
  15. A couple of years ago I really really loved Express. over half of my wardrobe came from there. I always loved their dress pants and basic tees (the best fit ever!) Unfortunately I've gained some weight so I can't really shop there anymore, but it seems like the quality has gone down a bit. Anyone else notice this?:shrugs: Nonetheless, I still love the look of their pieces, very cute stuff ;)